Monday, March 21, 2011

Trinity Preschool Activities for Friday, March 18, 2011

We played outside today.

Willow Room:

We read "The dot" a story about art
written by Peter H. Reynolds. (cute story) The question of the day was, "What do you like to draw?" We painted using green peppers using green glitter paint. The print looks like shamrocks. We did dot painting at the easel.

The music was:" I Like My Hat" , "Put Your Hands Up In The Air", and "Finger Poppin"
We also played with our new green playdough and finished our Humpty Dumptys which means the children drew lines on them to resemble cracks, stuck bandaids on them and drew faces on them as well. We had a great morning.

Maple Room:

We read The true story of the 3 little pigs- by Jon Scieszka. There are many different versions of the 3 little pigs story and this is another twist on the classic. If you read the three little pigs story to your child, make sure you read the end ahead of time so you know how it ends....some have the pigs eaten, some have the wolf ending up in boiling water, some have them all living; just know what is coming.

We did finger painting with shaving cream, a fun sensory activity.

We had chubby crayons at the easel on brown paper.

We did "We must face the facts", "Finger Popin", and "Take that bean bag" for music.

Oak Room:

We did another two Froggy's stories today:
"Froggy's best baby sitter" and "Froggy's day with dad" both by Jonathan London

We wet paper with water and drew on it with chalk. We looked at how the chalk looked different on the wet paper vs. the dry paper. If we drew too much in one spot, it would tear the paper.

We had out some locks puzzles, X puzzle, and uppercase ABC puzzle.

For music we did the "Mack Chicken Dance", and "Mary had a little Jam"- silly rhymes

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