Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Art Idea # 6- Painting materials- found objects

We love to paint at school, and paint is a great medium for children to use. We use found objects to paint with, you don't have to buy a lot of supplies to make fun painting experiences.

Here are a few ideas: Paint on scrap paper, the inside of cereal boxes, old newspaper.

1. Cut sponges into shapes and dip in paint to make prints.

2. We use sponges also as a base, put a little paint onto a sponge with some water and soap- then press objects onto the sponge and make prints. What can you use? empty spool, a cork, a fork, we use all kinds of kitchen utensils to make cool prints.

3. Get some old kitchen items from a thrift store- rolling pins, whisks, etc. Just look at things and see what you think it could work for, either with paint or play dough.

4. We also get items from the dollar stores, (back massagers make cool prints on paper and a fun noise), but again look at the things they have there and think about whether it will work for an art project.

5. Eye droppers, thin the paint and let your child drip paint onto paper, fold it over and see what happens.

We use washable paint, but we still add a few drops of soap to make it wash out easier. You can get small bottles of assorted colors for pretty cheap at any Walmart, Target, Meijers, KMart, etc.

Always supervise children with paint. Next time I will post some ideas to do with paint.

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