Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Art Idea # 4- Tissue Paper

Tissue Paper is a fun art material and can be found in craft stores, party goods stores, and a variety of other stores. Tissue paper used to all "bleed", meaning that if you got it wet, the color would bleed out of it, but much of it now will not. Some projects need the tissue paper to "bleed", so if you can find that kind for your projects, it is good to have.

Project 1: Cut small pieces of tissue paper (one color or assorted colors), then have your child glue the pieces onto construction paper, a paper plate or cut apart a cereal box and use the box as your project base.

Project 2: Cut small pieces of tissue paper and have your child scrunch them into balls, glue as above.

Project 3: If you have "bleeding" tissue paper, lay the pieces of tissue onto light colored paper, spritz with water from a sprayer bottle and let dry. Remove and see the colors that are now on the paper.

Project 4: Open up a piece of clear contact paper, layer tissue paper onto sticky side, and add a frame. Hang from a window and see the colors shine through. You can also use wax paper and glue if you don't have contact paper.

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