Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Trinity Preschool Activities for Tuesday,, March 29, 2011

Even though it was a little chilly, we did play outside today, make sure children have mittens, gloves, hats, etc. and of course jackets needed for the weather.

Willow Room: T/TH class

We read "Big Bears Can!" by David Bedford

We are finishing up our nursery rhymes, today we did Jack and Jill and Little Miss Muffet.
For art, we made new crowns for Jack (who broke his in the rhyme- although the crown he broke int he rhyme is his head, not a royal crown)

We used a crown shape and painted on it with various objects, dot to dot painters, whisks, and new fun rollers to make them look festive.

We sang the nursery rhymes, clap your hands, and brown bear.

We had a new toy at the easel, magnetic gears, you make a design and they turn on the easel magnetic surface.

We had scissors at the free art table.

Oak Room:

We read "The rainbow fish lost at sea"

We are still transforming our dramatic corner into our beach area and camp ground. We added a picnic table today.

For art today, we used a whale shape with a hole cut int he middle. We placed blue hair gel (to look like water) in a plastic bag and added fish stickers to the bag. WE taped them to the back of the whale to look like the whale swallowed the fish.

We sang some fun songs today, Little fish, list of dances, Baby Beluga, and whales and fish.

We talked about the letter X today and we read about whales under the sea.

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