Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Trinity Preschool Activities for Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We had beautiful sunny, warm weather today! Yea ! We got to play on the playground again today. Unless it is rainy, we will be going outside from now on. Remember jackets, hats and gloves as needed too.

Willow Room: MWF class

We did the Nursery Rhyme today "Hey Diddle Diddle" Rhymes are good for learning about rhyming words, and kindergarten's often want to know if children know nursery rhymes. We had a hand puppet that had the cow, the moon, the cat and the fiddle, the little dog, and the dish that ran away with the spoon on each of the fingers. we used it to retell the rhyme.

We made a dish that ran away with the spoon today for art. We used shaving cream and powdered paint. We swooshed it around with the spoon on the plate , then the plate and the spoon stayed together.

We went through all of our rhymes today, we sang Ready set, move, and your face will surely show it.

We took a closer look at the words in the rhyme that rhyme.

Maple Room:

We read "The night before St. Patrick's Day", by Natasha Wing

We made rainbows from crumpled tissue paper and we had green paper with gold metaliz paint at the easels.

We sang the March song, 4 little shamrocks, 5 wee leprechauns, Moving everyday and the tempo marches on using instruments.

We did letter "U" activities and we went on a special hunt for the pot of gold the leprechaun hid in our school. WE searched all over and found it back in our room!

We played a feely, guessing game. We hid a letter in a sock and the children had to guess which letter it was by only using their hands.

Oak Room:

We read "Let's go Froggy" and Froggy rides a bike by Jonathan London

We stamped pictures on the number pages 1-10.

For art today we mixed soap and powdered paint to make a kind of paint that looks like oil paints. The children painted pictures with the mixture.

We had a felt dress up dolls toy out and magnetic writing boards

We did "Here's a little bird" (rhyme follows the music scale- up (to higher notes)and down (to lower notes)
We also did the finger band comes to town.

We had the estimating jar out again today and did a guessing game to find out who the class helper is today.

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