Thursday, April 24, 2014

Trinity Preschool Activities for Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Willow Room- MWF class

We read "The Umbrella Day" by Nancy Evans Cooney
We are learning about the letter T, words that start with it, sounds it makes and we asked the children "Do you have the letter T in your name?"  Then we count how many yes's and how many no's and compare the results.

We used dish scrubbers to paint with at the table.
We painted with real paint rollers on paper taped to the wall instead of the easel.

We practiced our songs for Mother's Day.

We did a rhyming game with pictures on top of raindrops.

We put a sea animal that is very small into water and we will watch what happens to it over the next several days.

Maple Room:  MWF class

We read "The very hungry caterpillar" by Eric Carle

We painted egg cartons to make caterpillars.
At the easel we had corks to make circles that looked like a caterpillar and we had forks to paint with to look like grass.

We did the April song, and practiced our songs for Mother's Day.

We had our new waterfall toys with water in the sensory table.
We made caterpillar necklaces using a patterning method.
We did letter W activities and we played a caterpillar sequence game.

Oak Room: Pre- K class

We read "The story of fish and snail" by Deborah Freedman and we also read "Swimmy" by Leo Lionni

We worked on a special project for Mother's Day.

We graphed how many letters we have in our last name.

Stay and Play:  

We read "Froggy goes to Hawaii" by Jonathan London

We did "ping pong" painting.  We dipped ping pong balls in thinned out paint.  Then we put them on top of paper in a big tray.  One child sat on one side of the table and one sat on the other and they used big straws to blow the ping pong balls back and forth to paint the paper.  

We did 5 little flowers, 5 green and speckled frogs , fuzzy little caterpillar and some kite rhymes for music today.

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