Thursday, April 24, 2014

A look at a moment in time in the preschool classroom at Trinity Preschool

I post on the BLOG the special activities the teachers write on the tidbits, but it really doesn't give you a view of what a morning is really like.  This will not really either, but will give you a snapshot of what was going on as I walked through each room during choice time.
Oak Room: Pre- K class

The children were busy at the art table working on a special project we will use for one of our songs on Mother's Day.  There were 6 children at the table all dictating  their title to the teacher and drawing a picture to go with their ideas. On the rug several children were playing with a flexible lego builder toy, you can make it curve and build all kinds of interesting things with it. In the sensory table, the children were using the sorting bowls and sorting the colorful and varied under the sea creatures. At the easel children were painting with foam paint brushes and bright colors of paint.  On the activity table, the children were using magic writing boards to practice writing words and letters. And the children were enjoying the playdough and using cookie cutters, scissors and rolling pins with it. We have new road tracks that the children assembled into a track to use the cars on.
Maple Room: 4 year old classroom

The children are busy all over the room.  The teacher read the story "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle today.  At the magnet board, the children are putting pictures in order for the story.  They added the days of the week at the top ( and went over to look at the class calendar to make sure they had them in the right order) and then they added the foods the caterpillar ate each day before becoming a butterfly.  At the sensory table the children were playing with the new waterfall water toys, pouring water in and watching the different ways the water pours though it.  At the activity table, the children were creating with legos.  On the floor, several children were building with small waffle blocks.  We didn't have play dough out today, instead on the play dough table the children were doing a stringing activity, also involving patterning.  They had green colored rigatoni noodles and round red circles with a hole in the middle and the children were threading a noodle.and a circle, a noodle and a circle to make a caterpillar using a pattern. At the art table, the children were painting egg cartons green to turn into caterpillars.  At the easel there were two children using corks to paint circles using colorful paint to look like a caterpillar and using a plastic fork dipped in green paint to make grass for the caterpillar to crawl through.

Children used corks dipped in paint to make the caterpillar and the fork dipped in paint to be grass

Corks and Forks for making caterpillars

Very Hungry Caterpillar Necklace with colored noodles, and circles so it also involved patterning.
Putting the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle in order on the magnet board.  

The Willow Room: 3 year old class

The children were enjoying the dramatic corner which is set up as a construction zone.  They get to wear hard hats and construction vests as they use giant waffle blocks to build big creations.
Some children were with one of the teachers on the rug building a road track that battery operated cars will follow. They were using big roller paint brushes on paper the teachers had taped to the wall.  At the art table, the children were painting with dish scrubber brushes.  There was a group of children doing a rhyming activity.  At the activity table, children were using dry erase boards to write letters, and they were using a letter building toy to create letters out of blocks. One child was checking out the new magnetic tile builders. The sensory table had dirt with rubber bands, plastic bugs and tweezers that children were using.
Pot scrubbers with part scrunched up and rubber banded to make them easier to hold.  We use them for painting.

There are pieces the children can use to put on top of the letters to create them.

Dirt with cut up rubber bands ( worms) and plastic bugs to explore with tweezers

Willow Room construction zone

Willow room construction zone- notice the construction vests.  They have hard hats too.

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