Tuesday, April 8, 2014

"Kindergarten Explorers"

We have exciting news here at Trinity Preschool!  

For years, parents have asked me to offer kindergarten at Trinity Preschool, and while we are not doing that, we are doing the next best thing. 

Starting this fall, September 2014, we will begin offering "KINDERGARTEN EXPLORERS" an afternoon class designed for children who attend kindergarten in the morning at their local public school.  We feel this will meet a need many parents have for giving their children a structured activity that will be offering learning activities, with the time to also have choice time with all of our great materials, small group games, gym or outside time, snack and more.  We will work with the children to develop their reading skills, writing skills, and math activities.  We will challenge them to think/create and engage their minds in fun projects.

Important Details:

  • Class will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 
  • Official class time will be 12:30-2:45- however we will have what we are calling a "soft start", so kids can come straight from morning kindergarten and eat their lunch here before class, or go home and have lunch before class begins at 12:30.
  • There will be one teacher and one assistant teacher in the room.
  • The class is for children who are 5 by September 1st.  
  • We will not be offering a bus service from the local schools at this time.  That may happen, but right now it is not in place.(Part of the problem is that so many schools feed into Trinity, this makes a bus complicated.)
  • Monthly tuition will be $200.00 (same as our MWF am classes)
  • Class will start Wednesday, September 3, 2014 and end on Wednesday, May 20, 2015.
  • This class will not be offered in the morning for children attending afternoon kindergarten as we have no open rooms to house the class.
  • Children who attend Trinity Preschool in the morning cannot stay for this class
  • We will still offer stay & play for our preschoolers on MWF  until 1:45.  
Help spread the word, this will be open to all children who are 5 by September 1st!  

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