Monday, April 14, 2014

Trinity Preschool Activities for Monday, April 14, 2014

4-14-14------today's date.  It is a pattern. Did you notice that too?

We have a new balancing board in the gym for the children to use today.
 Side-To-Side Balance...

Maple Room: MWF class

We read "The crunching Munching caterpillar" by Sheridan Cain

We worked on something special to give our Mother's for Mother's Day. We painted egg cartons and will turn them into a special surprise.

We practiced songs for Mother's Day and we did The April song.

We had water colors at the easel.

We did letter V activities.

Oak Room: Pre- K class

We read "The foolish tortoise" by Eric Carle

We also read "Happy Pig Day" by Mo Willems

The children made a turtle out of paper plates, pieces of paper they cut for the head and legs and they glued fabric pieces to the paper plate to look like the design on the shell of the turtle.

We did I'm a turtle", "5 little turtles" and "The button factory" for music today.

We had a new water toy in our room where the water flows through the holes in different ways.

We had a turtle game to play with at the table.
We had our fishing and plastic pool in the room.

Willow Room: MWF class

We read "Because a little bug went ka-choo!"

We painted using bug stampers.  First, the children painted the stamper using a paint brush, then they pressed it onto the paper to make the print.

We painted doilies at the easel, using bright water colors.  We will turn them into flowers for our Mother's Day party.

We did Here we go looby loo,  and Fuzzy Wuzzy Caterpillar for music today.

We read "From caterpillar to butterfly" by Deborah Heilgman

We looked at our caterpillars and saw HOW BIG THEY ARE!  They will soon start their transformation.

We made our letter R word chart.

Stay and Play: 

We read "Ant and Grasshopper" by Luli Gray

We painted by dripping paint onto paper and then putting a piece of plastic wrap on top of the paint. The children then mushed the paint around through the plastic wrap to mix the colors and make a design.  We pealed up the plastic wrap to finish our picture.

We played an alphabet mystery game. We put an alphabet letter in a sock and the children had to reach in and  feel the letter and see if they could guess what they letter was by feeling it.

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