Monday, April 28, 2014

Trinity Preschool Activities for Monday, April 25, 2014,

Maple Room: MWF class

We read "The grouchy ladybug" by Eric Carle

We painted lady bugs at the art table for our bulletin board.  The children painted the bottom of a paper bowl red, and then used corks dipped in black paint ot add the lady bugs black spots.

At the easel we had lady bug shapes with dab a doo markers.

We practiced our songs for Mother's Day.

We did letter X activities, lady bug fly away from home and we did a 5 lady bugs rhyme.

Willow Room- MWF class
We read "Bob and Otto" today.  Our butterflies came out of their chrysalis this weekend.  

We are learning about the letter U and today we asked the children "Do you have the letter U in your name?"

We did a process art project today using crumpled up aluminum foil and dipping it in paint, then pressing it onto wax paper.  We used bright spring colors on this dreary rainy day.

We used oil pastels at the easel to draw, then we used water colors to paint over our picture.  The oil pastels resist the paint.

We did "butterfly, butterfly " turn around rhyme for music, and practiced our songs for Mother's Day.

We did some action movement songs since it was rainy out and the gym room is closed this week because of the rummage sale.

We looked at objects that start with the letter U and we talked about the sounds the letter makes.

We put a sunflower seed and a lima been seed on a paper towel that had been soaked in water.  Then we put them in a plastic baggie and hung it on our window.  We will watch what happens. 

Oak Room: Pre k class
We read "The very hungry caterpillar" by Eric Carle and we read "Houdini the amazing caterpillar" by Janet Pedersen.

We painted with prickle rings on a butterfly shape, but only on one side.  Then we folded the paper over and pressed it down so we ended up with a symmetrical picture.  We talked about how the butterfly wings are always symmetrical.

We did 5 green and speckled frogs and we practiced our songs for Mother's Day.
We did some hallway activities - we played "croquet" in the hall.

Stay and Play: 

We read "Jacob O'reilly wants a pet" by Lynne Rickards
and we read "Emma Kate" by Patricia Polacco

We did a toilet paper, grated soap mud sensory activity for art today.

We played with balloons and paper plate paddles in the hall today.  We tried to keep the balloons in the air and bounced them up and down on our paddles.

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