Monday, April 28, 2014

Trinity Preschool Activities for Friday, April 25, 2014

Willow Room:  MWF class

We read "Mouse's first Spring" by Lauren Thompson and we read "Butterfly, Butterfly, a book of colors" by Peter Harocet

We painted with watercolors and eye droppers on coffee filters.  We will turn them into a special butterfly!
At the easel we painted with dab a doo markers and butterfly shapes.  We also had small bottles with foam lids and liquid water colors inside to dab at the paper to decorate it.

We practiced our songs for Mother's Day.

We did a 5 little seeds rhyme
We made a chart of words we could think of that start with the letter T.

Oak Room- Pre- k class

We finished up our under the sea unit today.  We read "Ocean babies" and "Memoirs of a gold fish" today.

We did a water color and salt process for art today.  The children painted with water colors and then sprinkled salt on top of it.  The water colors react to the salt and make a cool design.  We will use the end product to make a special gift for our moms.

We practiced our songs for Mother's Day.

We did a letter graph, the children picked a letter from a bag and sorted them into groups based on whether it had curved lines, or curved and straight lines, or straight lines only.

Maple Room:
We read "Butterfly, Butterfly" by Peter Horacek

We did a symmetry painting on folded paper.  The children used eye droppers to drip paint on one half of the paper and then folded it over and pressed down.  When they opened it up, the paint was the same on each side, and we talked about how that is "symmetrical" .
We had small pieces of paper at the easel with think brushes and paint.  We try to give the children a variety of experiences by changing up the size of paper, the size of brushes, etc.
We did the April song and practiced our songs for Mother's Day.

We did letter W activities and we played a letter sound game.  The teacher said the sound a letter would make and the children guessed what letter it was.

Stay and Play:

The children painted the outside bottom of a muffin pan and turned it over onto paper and pressed it down.  It looked like a row of flowers! Then they added green paint for stems and leaves and glued on bright color pom poms for the center of the flower.

We listened to "Clarke the shark" on a CD.  We did lady bug rhymes using props and we did a sing a long story book for music time.

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