Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Trinity Preschool Activities for Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Oak Room: 5 day pre- k class

We read "Even more parts" by Tedd Arnold ( A very cute series of books)
We also read "Five little monkeys jumping on the bed"

We sponge painted with assorted "body parts" heads, tops, pants, shoes, boots, bow ties, purses, etc. to create people.  The children then used small brushes to add face details if they wanted.  They are build a kid sponge painters for 12.95 from Lakeshore learning store.

Assorted parts to make bodies.

Late, she drew on arms too as the sponges did not have arms.
We did "The little fish" "Everybody has a face" and the letter E song for music time.

We have water in the sensory table today with soap to make it bubbly fun. 

The children in the pre- k class noticed when they pushed down on the funnel, the bubbles came out the top, they were trying to push harder, thinking they would come out more.

I suggested they move it to a spot that had more bubbles and when they pushed down, the soap bubbles came out the top and rolled down the side.  They tried it in others spots to see where it worked best. 

We played a small group game today, shapes and colors.  Games are a wonderful activity with preschoolers, it teaches them concepts as well as taking turns, rooting on a friend, following directions, and sitting and paying attention.

Willow Room: T/Th Terrific 2's and 3's class

We listened to s story on a CD called "Apple Trouble"

We did a large group art project, we cut a large tree top shape and the children used apple shape sponges to add apples to our tree.
These are actually scrubbing sponges for dishes, but they are apple shape and perfect for sponge painting apples.

We had dry erase markers and farm animal stencils at the easel.

We did "Put your finger in the air", "Little old wagon" and "Your face will surely show it" for music  today.

We did a few fun "apple" activities today too.  We use the flannel board apples with numbers on them for a counting rhyme and also a group activity where we have a smaller worm that fits behind one of the apples and the children take turns guessing which number apple, Mr. Appleworm is hiding behind.  This is easy to make at home too, we do it with various shapes and use it for colors, numbers, alphabet, shapes, etc.  

Apple sorting , the children put the green apples on one tree, yellow apples on another tree and red apples on the third tree.  They can pick them up with their fingers, but we also have tweezers there for more of a challenge and great fine motor development.

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