Sunday, October 20, 2013

Trinity Preschool Activities for Friday, October 18, 2013

Oak Room- 5 day pre- k class

We read "Leaf Trouble" by Jonathan Emmett

We painted on real leaves today and made a print of it.  The children paint on the back of the leaf so the veins of the leaf get paint on them.This is what makes the best print.

Painting on real leaves

We did an opposites game, we put opposite cards on the floor and each child gets to take one.  Then they look for the person who has their opposite.  We will have these at the table as an activity next week.

We did a 5 little leaves rhyme, and "let's pretend" for music time.

We thought of words that start with the letter F.

Maple Room- MWF class

We read "The legend of Spookley the square Pumpkin" by Joe Troiana

We made fall wreaths with tissue paper and leaves.  We had pumpkin shapes at the easel with paint and brushes.

Leaf and tissue paper wreaths.  Glue and paint mixture to hold items onto a wreath shape paper plate

We did a group number recognition game "find the airplane" numbers 1-20.

We did "the October song", "leaves on the tree", "5 pumpkins on a gate", and "pumpkin in the straw" for music time today.

Willow Room- MWF class

We read the story of "The little red hen" by Paul Galdone.  We asked the children "Do you help your mom/dad/Grandma bake or cook?

We painted with funny brushes in fall colors.  At the easel we painted barn shapes with rollers.

We did "Old McDonald had a farm", "Shoo Fly" and "Everybody clap your hands" for music time.

We did a 5 little apples rhyme and we have the corn in our sensory table.

Stay and Play

We listened to a book on CD called "Zomer" by Ned Young

We squirted shaving cream on a tray.  Then the children used eye droppers to drip water colors on top.  Then we stirred it with a stick to swirl the colors.  We made a print of the paint.
Shaving cream squirted onto tray and the children drip water colors.  (see additional post for more pictures)

We did a car, car song, and used tambourines, we drew a story using a song. 
We played Uno as a group game.

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