Sunday, October 20, 2013

Shaving cream and water color pictures

This cool process was fun to watch the kids as they explored what happened.  Some wanted to use all the colors, some had puddles of color on the trays, some chose exactly where they wanted each color.  They had fun using the tools to move the color around too.  The end result may not look like much when it dries, but they sure had fun with the process. 
We squirted shaving cream onto trays and the children added watercolors.

They love using eye droppers to add the color (we use diluted liquid water colors form Discount school supply) 

After adding ht colors, the children used hair picks, toothpicks, popscicle sticks, etc to spread the colors around.

After they finished we took a print to transfer the paint and shave cream to the paper.  We are not sure yet, how they will dry, but this was totally about the process.

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