Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Trinity Preschool Activities for Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Willow Room: Terrific 2's and 3's class  (please look at post from Oct 21 to see pictures of all of the Willow Room activities today.)

We read "Peekaboo Puppy" today.  It is about farm animals.

We used Prickle balls attached to clothes pins as a holder to paint fall pictures.

We had chalk boards with colored  chalk at the easel.

We played with the giant parachute in the gym today.

We baked today, we made apple tarts and used our applesauce from last week as the filling.

We did "The Freeze dance", "couch potato pokey", and "6 little ducks" for music time today.

We have corn, corn cobs and apple peels in our sensory table.

Oak Room: 5 day pre- k class

We read "Bat's Big Game" as retold by Margaret Read MacDonald

We also read "While the whole world is sleeping" by Pamela Duncan Edward

We made bats to hang in our room.  The children painted toilet paper rolls black and cut "wings out of black construction paper.  We will attach the wings to make them into bats.

We went on a bat hunt in our room- we looked around for the hidden bats.

We used markers to draw on our pumpkin.Then we used wet paper towels to wash it off and draw again.

We did "Pumpkin in the brown straw", "Jump up.turn around, and the letter G song today for music.

We looked at pictures of bats on the computer, looked at a video of a bat flying in slow motion, and we listened to a recording of the sounds bats make as they fly.  They use echolocation to fly at night (means they bounce sound off objects to know where they are in relation to those objects.) 

This is the link to the bat flying in slow motion.  You can check out more on you tube if you are interested.

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