Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Trinity Preschool Activities for Monday, October 21, 2013

Willow Room: MWF class

We read "The apple pie tree" by Zoe Hall

We painted using prickle balls that we held with a clothes pin so we could dab them.  We had chalk boards with colored chalk at the easel.
Our classroom hen, she laid eggs, we will wait for them to "hatch"

Look at her eggs!

Prickle balls, we attach a clothes pin to make them easier to hold and dab on the paper.

Picture made with fall colors and prickle balls.

Our sensory table has the feed corn, the corn cobs and now the apple peels to explore.

 We made our own apple turnovers using the applesauce we made last week.

We did "couch potato pokey", "5 little ducks" and we did "the freeze dance" (we danced with ribbons)

We read "The ear book" by Al Perkins.

we have a pretend hen in our room and she laid eggs! We will watch each day to see what happens.

We dried the apple peels from last week and put them in our sensory table.

Oak Room: Pre- k 5 day class

We read "Stellaluna" by Janell Cannon.  We talked about the word "nocturnal" and what it means and what animals are nocturnal.

We made bat prints in the night (black paint on dark blue paper)

We did a 5 little bats fingerplay, "The little fish song", "Sticky bubble gum" for music time.

We talked about the letter G today.

Maple Room:  MWF class

We read "The biggest pumpkin ever" by Elizabeth Bennett

We used a new paint mixture, cornstarch and liquid water colors with a little water added in too. The we froze it. It looks like chalk when we painted with it.

The children painting with frozen paint.

Paints look like chalk.

cornstarch and liquid water color (w water added) and frozen paint.

We had leaf stampers at the easel.

We are starting our letter of the week, this week we are talking about the letter "A".

We "The October song", "alphabet sounds", "5 little pumpkins", and "I'm a little scarecrow".

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