Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Trinity Preschool Activities for Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Willow Room- MWF class

We read "Pigsty" by Mark Teague
We asked the children "Do you like to get dirty?"
We fingerpainted with chocolate pudding on pig shape paper.
We had magnetic gears at the easel.
We did The 5 little pumpkins, Can you leap like a frog? and BINGO for music time.
We did a pig color game and we made our own pumpkin muffins from scratch.  We ate them at snack.

Maple Room- Morning class

We painted on paper bags to make them look like pumpkins.  We had cat and pumpkin stampers at the easel with paint.
We played the rainbow color game and did Jump Jim Joe for music.

Maple Room- Afternoon class:

We read the story of the three little pigs

We fingerpainted with brown paint and pressed a pig shape paper onto the finger paint to make a "muddy" print.
We had watercolors at the easel.

We did "Little pig went to market, pat-a-cake, and 5 little pigs for music time.
We are talking about the color pink.

Oak Room- Pre- K class

We read "One smart skunk" by Harriet Ziefert
We learned skunks are nocturnal, they spray bad smells to chase enemies away.

We did the letter G book too.
We wrote and drew in our journals- letter G words.
We had leaf stampers at the easel.

We drew on a pumpkin with markers and we could erase them with a wet paper towel.
We had peg boards and lacing designs today too.

We did a spider rhyme using plastic spiders and we played a game with matching an upper and lower case letter- then we got to press a buzzer when we did it.

We did a small group game- pop and win ABC BINGO.
We made our fingerprints and we will look at them tomorrow to see that they are all different.

Stay & Play: 

We read "Wacky Wednesday" by Theo LeSieg

We painted with textured flip flop painters.

We did little fish and the body rock for music

We had fun outside!  

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