Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Trinity Preschool Activities for Tuesday, October 9, 2012

We played outside today.

Willow Room- T/TH class

We read "Apple Farmer Annie" by Monica Wellington

We asked the children "What can we do with apples?

We glued "seeds" to an apple shape 

We painted at the easel with yellow, red and orange paint on pumpkin shapes.

We made applesauce today.  We talked about apples and the different parts of an apple.  The children helped us cut up apples into pieces to cook and we tasted our applesauce when it was done.

We did "Late last night", "There's a wiggle in my toe" and "Little Fish" for music time.

Oak Room: Pre- K class

We read "Parts" by Tedd Arnold and "Arthur's Tooth" by Marc Brown

We made covers for our five senses book.  We rolled marbles dipped in paint and rolled them back and forth in a box to make designs on paper.

We did Old Mc Donald had a band and used variious music instruments. We did "today is Monday" and "The Pirate song" for music.

We are talking about the letter E and reviewing the five senses.

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