Sunday, October 14, 2012

Trinity Preschool Activities for Friday, October 12, 2012

We played outside today.  Remember jackets please.

Willow Room: MWF class

We read " The little red hen" by Paul Galdone

We asked the children if they have ever helped their mom bake or cook?

We painted with funny brushes using fall colors.

We did roller painting on a barn shape at the easel.

We sang "Old Mc Donald had a farm", "Shoo Fly", "Everybody clap your hands" for music time today.

We did a rhyme called "5 little apples" and we used the apple sauce we made to make our own apple tarts today.  We had some with snack.

Maple room- Morning class

We read "Brown Bear Brown Bear, What do you see?" by Eric Carle

We did a 3 D art project today.  We painted onto wax paper and rolled a paper towel roll with one sheet of paper towel still attached to it. The paint went onto the paper towel.

We painted at the easel with red, blue and yellow paint.

We did "the October song, Brown Bear song, We acted out Brown bear, (The kids play the part of the animals in the song" and we did "If you're happy and you know it"

We practiced writing the letter B on dry erase boards and we made a list of words we could think of that begin with the letter B.  We asked the children if they have the letter B in their name.

Maple Room- afternoon class

We did the nursery rhyme "Little Boy Blue"  We are learning colors through nursery rhymes and songs. We have our art in the hall from our activities.

We painted with paint brushes made form hay and from plastic mesh and we used blue paint.
We had different textured brushes at the easel for painting with blue paint today.

We did "The October song" , "Freeze dance", "jump jim joe (and we wore music bell belts)" and "Itsy bitsy spider" for music time today.

We did "The color kittens" story by Margaret Brown and "Bring on the blue" by Candace Whitman

Stay &  Play

We read "A fly went by" by Mike McClintok

We glued wood shapes, fun foam pieces, paper shapes and pom poms onto a leaf shape or an apple shape.

We did "Over the deep blue sea" and "Cool bear hunt" for music time today.

We enjoyed a lot of fun in the kitchen with dress up clothes and dolls and building fun too.

Oak Room:  Pre- K class

We read "The growing story" by Ruth Krauss

We worked on our all about me books today- we did our favorite color, and self portrait pages.  We had leaf shape paper at the easel to paint using fall colors.

We did some weighing and measuring objects in the room- we did bead sequencing and had out a 5 senses puzzle.

We did "leaky umbrella" using maracas and we did a group activity of comparing sizes on a magnetic board.

We had face magnetic pieces the children could use to create funny faces.

We made a list of the words that start with the letter E.

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