Thursday, October 11, 2012

Trinity Preschool Activities for Thursday, October 11, 2012

WINDY, WINDY Day today, but we played outside ! 

Willow Room- T/TH class

The little Red Hen by Paul Galdone was our story today.

We asked the children if they have ever helped mom cook or bake?

We painted with funny brushes in fall colors.

We had roller painting on a barn shape at the easel.

We used the applesauce we made the other day to make apple tarts.

We did "Old Mc Donald had a farm", "Shoo fly" and "Everybody clap your hands" for music time.

We did 5 little apples at our second circle.

Maple Room- Thursday class

We did "Chicka chicka boom boom" by Bill Martin Jr.

We also read Chicka chicka 123 by Bill Martin Jr.

We did "alphabet letter sounds", "freeze dance" and "can't sit still" for music time.

We played an alphabet memory match game and Chicka chicka boom boom- each child got to pick letters and name them before adding them to the coconut tree.

The children practiced writing letters ( they called it their homework)

Oak Room- pre- k class

We read "I like me" by Nancy Carlson and " I am me" by Karla Kuskin

We did fingerpainting and made a handprint in our "All about me book"

We played a shapes game, had a new magnetic board :Make a face"

We brought in puppets, they kids had so much fun telling stories with the puppets and being the audience.
We did "Body rock- using jingle bell belts.

We also picked a card with a body part on it and we made up a movement for that body part.

We asked the children if they have the letter E in their name.

Stay & Play 

We read "The Ugly pumpkin" and we made pumpkin collages

We did "Down around the corner at the pumpkin shop" " 5 little pumpkins" "Bear Hunt" and "Hands are for clapping" for music time.

We enjoyed playdough and floor puzzles plus did some extra reading with books.

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