Monday, February 20, 2012

Trinity Preschool Activities for Thursday, February 16, 2012

Willow Room:

We talked about the color pink today. We looked for pink things in our room.

Oour story was Chameleon's colors by Chisato Tashiro

We did a color mixing experiment inn our second circle time today- we made orange, green and purple (secondary colors)

We used fun brushes to paint with red and white to make pink.

We had watercolors at the easel.

We sang I like my hat, and Put your finger on

We have a kitchen/home set up in our dramatic corner.

Maple Room

We read "Building a house" by Byron Barton

We added objects to a classroom cardboard house.

We did kid picks for music- Sticky bubble gum, bear hunt, February song, December song, and Months of the year.

We did a rhyming and sorting game today.

Oak Room

We read Bamboo and Friends, The moon" by Felicia Law and Walking on the moon.

We glued round objects to a paper plate. Then we covered them with foil and pressed around the round objects to look like moon craters. (see pictures on our facebook page)

We had a space magnetic board game, a magnetic color maze, and a stringing activity.

We did "Jump to Jupiter" with ribbons, and "T for two" by Jim Gill

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