Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Trinity Preschool Activities for Monday, February 6, 2012

Stay & Play:

We read Go Dog Go!" by PD Eastman

We did "twist painting"; We dripped paint on paper and used these plastic disks that we added handles to to Twist back and forth.

We did "Rhythm in my fingers" (a Jim Gill chant song) and "The finger band has come to town" (we acted out instruments)

We enjoyed the dramatic corner library. We played with dinosaurs and built enclosures with blocks, we also did group puzzles.

Willow Room:

We read "The Jolly Postman" by Janet and Allan Ahlberg

Do you have the letter G in your name?

We also did a Valentines Rhyme- 5 Little Valentines

We made heart wreaths with sticky hearts. We used a heart shape stencil at the easel to make stamps.

We did "Take that beanbag, and finger boppin for music today.

We are having fun with our post office, we have heart shape cookie cutters in our playdough.

Maple Room:

We read Mr Griggs work" by Cynthia Rylant

We made our own mailbags for the post office.
We used letter stampers at the easel.

We did the February song and we played "Pass the envelope" .The children sat in a circle and passed an envelope around the circle; when the music stopped, the child holding the envelope opened it and told everyone what letter was inside the envelope.

We did letter N activities.

Oak Room:

We read "DW Library Card" by Marc Brown

We made Love Bugs. We cut out lady bug shapes with wings and we used cork to make prints for the lady bug dots. It has a special message inside.

We did on the count of five, stomp, stomp, clap, and we are going on a lion hunt for music time.
We are talking and learning about the letter S this week.

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