Monday, February 6, 2012

Hearts- Valentine's Day Preschool Art

We did two art projects to make pretty hearts. In one the children had a heart shape they taped to the paper (folded over tape and stuck to back of heart). They then placed them all over their paper and painted around them. When they removed the heart, they had a "shadow" of the heart.

The next project we did was to tape an open heart shape onto paper and the children used dab a dot painters to dab and dot all over the whole paper. When it was done, we picked up the heart shape to revel the negative space. We put them both on a paper to display. Very pretty and fun.


  1. Another wonderful idea. We have to make a card for the Veterans here in Quebec.
    PS Can't waite to get to work.

  2. Hearts of all types are fun to make. We love to see little ones paint or stamp hearts on our cotton calico bags. Sold in bulk they are affordable and adorable.