Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Trinity Preschool Activities for Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Oak room kids played outside since they go out last and it was warmer, the other classes played inside today.

Stay & Play:

We read "A visitor for Bear" by Bonny Becker

We drew pictures using oil pastel crayons

We did 5 little ducks song and book, We also did a color bird song- name something else that color.

We have a pretend library in our classroom and the children all enjoyed exploring that today. We also played a small group game- an ABC matching game.

Willow Room; MWF class

We asked if they have the letter F in their name?

We read "The post office book" by Gail Gibbons

We talked about it being a new month, did the weather chart.

We glued the letters of our names onto envelopes for our bulletin board.

We had watercolors at the easel.

We sang Please pass the peas, Brown Bear, and Tommy Thumb for music today.

We have a pretend post office in our classroom.

We have ground up corn cobs in our sensory table with funnels, scoops, shovels, cups, buckets, and more.

Maple Room:

We read "Franklin's Neighborhood" by Paulette Bourgeois

We did a cutting project. We cut out house shapes for our neighborhood bulletin board.
we had paper cut to look like a postage stamp at the easel and the children painted their own stamps at the easel.

We did The February song ( for our new month), Month's song, Herman the Worm, Tap your toe, When I was a little fish, Sticky Cake, and Skinnamarink

We started our post office in our dramatic corner today

We did Letter N activities and we played a winter version of" what is missing"?

Oak Room:

We read "The magic school bus sleeps for the winter"

We worked in our journals- we drew pictures of things that start with the letter R

We began our library in the dramatic corner. We sorted books and put our library cards in ABC order. Each child has their own class library card.

We did a lady bug matching game, find the partner with the matching number of dots. My toes are starting to wiggle song.

We read the letter R book, we did a science experiment today too. ( see picture and BLOG post on it)

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