Sunday, February 12, 2012

Trinity Preschool Activities for Friday, February 10, 2012

Stay & Play:

We read "Queen of Hearts by Mary Engelbriet

For art: We had heart shape paper and rolled "prickly rubber balls" back and forth in a box with glitter paint over the heart paper. We sprinkled glitter on top.

We played with a giant tube (the heavy duty cardboard one that comes in carpet) and cars. The children take turns putting the cars in and seeing how far they roll. We try different heights to see how it makes a difference. What kind of cars rolls further?

We did music with instruments: "I play the band" and we did the song and dance to "Over the deep blue sea"

We played a small group game.

Willow Room:

We read "Never Mail an Elephant" by Mike Thaler

We asked the children if they have the letter H in their name?

We did the weather and days of the week.

We decorated our Valentine Bags to hold our Valentines we pass out on Monday-
At the easel we had doily's and we painted them using a tiny brush.

We did the snowflake song and used paper snowflakes to float down. We also did cool bear hunt, and "put your finger on"

We glued pictures onto our H chart. We did building with the big foam blocks.

We had snow today, so we caught some snow on black construction paper and looked at them with magnifying glasses before they melted.

Maple Room:
We read "The giant Hug" by Sandra Horning

We did celery prints. First we glued a vase shape onto paper- then the children used celery ( cut the whole bunch of celery crosswise about 3 inches up from the bottom- use the cut edge dipped in paint for this project). The celery cut this way looks like flower prints.

We used the celery tops for paint brushes to paint at the easel onto heart shape paper.

We also used the celery to do a science experiment- celery and carnations. We colored some water blue and red and put carnations and celery in some to see what would happen. We could see the white flowers start to turn color by the end of the morning. We are leaving them over the weekend to see what it will look like on Monday. We made predictions of what we think will happen. We will see.....

We did "The February song, Animal Action, Dancing Scarf blues, I changed my mind (with ribbons), Freeze dance, and 2 little blackbirds.

We did letter O activities, on the dry erase boards. We read "The post office book" by Gail Gibbons

Oak Room:

We read "When the library lights fo out" by Megan McDonald

We did the patterning page in our math books we are making. We also did number pages for 1-10

We had out a magnetic shapes book, a letter S puzzle and magnetic letters.

We did Beethoven's 5 finger play (from the new Jim Gill CD)
Two little blackbirds ( rhyme)

We talked about what words start with the letter S?

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