Friday, October 14, 2011

Trinity Preschool Activities for Thursday, October 12, 2011

We had our first rainy day of October- oh well, the wonderful weather could not last forever. We played in the gym today.

Willow Room- Terrific 2's and 3's class

We read "The mouse and the apple" by Stephen Butler

We asked the children "What letter does your name begin with?"

We used glue to decorate our tree tops with apples.

We had pumpkin shape cookie cutters and paint at the easel.

We danced to a song by Greg and Steve called "Jump down, turn around"
We played "Pass the pumpkin" and sang "Sticky Bubble Gum"

We put out individual dry erase boards and dry erase markers for the children ot draw and erase.

We played a game of hiding the apple worm behind the apple. The children guess which apple the worm is hiding behind.

We looked at a catalpa seed pod and opened it up to see the seeds inside.

Maple Room- Thursday class

We read "Froggy rides a bike" by Jonathon London

We painted with leaf shape cookie cutters to make designs in fall colors.

We had shape stampers at the easel.

We sang "Put your finger in the air, the October song, Funny fall animals, Little fish, Five little leaves and on the count of five.

We played a sequencing game and we had the puppet theater in the classroom with puppets.

Oak Room:

We read "I like me" by Nancy Carlson and "I am Me" by Karla Kuskin

We did finger painting today and we made a handprint for our All about me books. They will go home Friday.

We had letter bead stringing and dry erase boards to write on out today.

We did "the rock and roll freeze dance" while wearing jingle belts and we did "The body rock"

We asked "Does your name have a letter "E" in it. We did a graph and made comparisons.

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