Sunday, October 2, 2011

Trinity Preschool Activities for Oct., 28, 29, 30- Oak roomRoom

Oak Room- Wednesday

We read "Arthur's eyes" by Marc Brown

We did a science experiment today. We mixed together two colors to make a new color. We used our eyes to see all the colors. The children watched a demonstration of the experiment at circle time, and then the children were able to do it themselves during choice time.

We wrote in our journals today and drew pictures of things that start with the letter "C"

We did "Brown bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?", "Gong on a bear hunt" and "Finger Boppin" for music today.


We read the story "little blue and little yellow" by Leo Lionni

The children cut out circle shapes and painted with blue and yellow to illustrate the story.

We had out the letter "C" puzzle, bead sequencing and in the sensory table we had beans, cups and spoons.

We did the color rhyme "Scat the cat", and Bean Bag alphabet rag,

We did a graph of whether we had the letter "C" in our name.


We talked about our sense of hearing.

We read "The noisy way to bed" by Ian Whybrow
We also read "Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you hear? by Eric Carle

We colored on paper plates and turned them into shakers to make noise. We did a march around the halls and room with music instruments to hear the music.

We listened to sounds made with "eggs" filled with different object to match the two that sound the same.

We explored music instruments, which ones start with the letter "C"?

We did the 5 senses boogie- we danced using the shakers we made"

We counted by listening to the sound made when the teacher dropped a coin into a container.

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