Sunday, October 2, 2011

Trinity Preschool Activities for Oct., 28, 29, 30- Willow Room

Wednesday in class:

"One Drowsy Dragon" by Ethan Long- a rhyming story (Wed.)

We asked the children to count "How many pockets do you have on your clothes today?" It was fun to see that some children had many pockets and some had none.

We painted with tempra paint and number stampers. We had stencils at the easel with Markers.

We talked about how words rhyme. We are working on independence, letting the children do things for themselves that they can do, please work on this at home.

We sang "Cool bear hunt", "Your face will surely show it" "On the count of five"

We played in the gym.


Our book today was "There were ten in the bed" (Thursday)
We used number stampers and tempra paint to make number pictures. We had stencils and markers at the easel.

We read "Cool bear hunt", "Your face will surely show it", and "Put your finger in the air"

We played on the playground.

Friday- Willow room

We read the book "Big bears can!" by David Bedford (Friday)

We did another process on our big group art paper, this is the third process we have added! We used watercolors to add a translucent layer over the top.

We had chalk and stencils at the easel.

We sang "Take that bean bag ( follow directions song)
"May there always be sunshine", "Eensy, Weesy Spider,

We got out to the playground and ran around, it was very windy! But, it was great to be outside after all the rainy days this week.

Please encourage your child to put their own coats on and take them off. We are working on self help skills at school.

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