Sunday, October 2, 2011

Trinity Preschool Activities for Oct., 28, 29, 30- Maple Room

Maple Room:

Wednesday: We read "Applesauce Season" by Eden Ross Lipson

We cut and peeled apples and made our own apple sauce for snack today.

At the easel we had dab a dot painters.

We sang "The September Song", "Pass the Apple Game"- like Hot potato and 5 little apples

We did apple tasting and made a graph of who liked which kind of apple best.

We guessed how many seed we thought would be inside the apple.

Thursday- Maple Room:

"Apples, Apples, Apples, " by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace is the book we read

We cut red paper with slit lines and shaped them into apple lanterns.
We painted with kool aid.

We sang "The September song", A-P-P-L-E, "5 little apples", "Can't sit still", "Can you leap like a frog?"

We did a listening lotto game- beginning sounds of words

We did a question today- "What is your favorite fruit, apple or banana?"


We read "The mouse and the apple" by Stephen Butler

We did a cutting project for a fall tree. The children cut the trunk shape and then sponge painted "fall leaves" on the tree top.

We painted at the easel with textured brushes.

We sang "The September song, danced to "List of dances" and sang "Sticky Bubble Gum".

We also read a book about the 4 seasons, called "All around the seasons"

We did a memory game called "Find the bird" a shape recognition game.

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