Sunday, October 16, 2011

Apple Window Sun Catchers

We used to do this with plain white glue but have found the color in the glue adds another dimension and also encourages the children to cover more of the paper. In addition, for those children who don't cover the wax paper with tissue, it still has a great look.
We did red apples, but you could do the same process with green, or yellow apples too. Also works great with leaf shapes for fall.

First make some glue red

you can do this :
  • by using liquid water colors (from Discount School supply)
  • use food color
  • drop the tip of a dried out red marker into white glue for a few days to dye the glue red.
Give each child some wax paper and cut up pieces of tissue paper. The children brush the glue onto the wax paper and place tissue pieces anywhere they want.

After it is dry, we frame it with an apple shape and hang on the windows.

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