Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Trinity Preschool Activities for Tuesday, Feburary, 1, 2011

Willow Room:

Today in The Willow Room the children talked about the color Orange. They read the story Never Mail an Elephant by Mike Thaler. At art they painted with colored corn starch. They had magnetic snowman shapes at the easel. They sang Ring the Bells it's Wintertime and The Sunshine song. In the gym they played with scooters, hula hoops, alligator and the garage with cars. They watched the snow and played post office in the dramatic corner. Snack today was Sugar snap peas, Catalina dressing, crackers and Orange Juice.

Oak Room:

Today in The Oak Room they read the story Library Mouse and Geraladine;s Big Snow. They made postcards to mail home. The children colored and signed the postcards. For music they did the bean bag boogie, animal actions. In the gym they played with scooters, hula hoops, alligators, and the garage with cars. Their dramatic corner is now a library, the children check out books with their own library card. Snack today was Rice Crispy Treats and Juice boxes.

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