Friday, February 18, 2011

Trinity Preschool Activities for Friday, February, 18, 2011

Willow Room- MWF class

"Ish" by Peter H. Reynolds was our story today.

We had watercolors at the easel. We did "prickle ball" painting by using a box and rocking it back and forth so the ball would roll around and make a design on our paper.

We sang "on the count of 5", The teddy bear song, and 2 little blackbirds.

We made a chart of words that begin with the letter "I"

We had glue at the free art table.

Maple room:

We read "The Post Office Book - Mail and how it moves" by Gail Gibbons

We used crayons and markers to make pictures to mail home. We will see how long it takes for our mail to get to our homes. We had spool rollers and paint at the easel.

We sang the February song.

We did letter R activities today. we walked to the office to mail our letters home.

Oak Room:

"What is the moon full of?" by Shulamith Levey Oppenheim

We cut out a circle shape for a moon, we drew pictures insie of what the children thought the moon might be full of. We took ideas from the book.

We made toothpick and marshmallow sculptures, building space stations. We had a locks puzzle, and added farm animals to our building blocks.

We sang purple people eater- we danced to it, using maracas. We also sang our planets song.

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