Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Trinity Preschool Activities for Monday, January 31, 2011

Willow Room:

Today in the Willow Room they read the story Never Mail an Elephant by Mike Thaler. They talked about the letter Ff and graphed whether the children had the letter Ff in their name. They painted with colored corn starch on black paper, mixing colors. They had magnet snowmen and shapes at the easel. During music they sang Ring the Bells-Winter time is here and the Sunshine song. During gym time the children played on the tumbling mat, rode bikes, did hula hoops and played basketball. Madeylin had show and tell today and Madison is back from Florida. They have a post office set up in the dramatic play area. For snack they had grape juice, fishy crackers and applesauce.

Maple Room:

Today in the Maple Room they read the story Franklin is Messy by Paulette Bourgeois. They talked about the letter Oo. They used six different colors of tempra paint to create their own picture. At the easel they had heart stampers with pink, red and purple ink pads. They measured how high the different amounts of snow would be on each child, check out the list outside their door. In the gym they played with the tumbling mat, hula hoops, bikes and basketball. At music they sang Little Fish and Brown Bear. For snack they had apples, cheese and apple juice.

Oak Room:

Today in the Oak Room they read D.W.'s Library Card. At art they cut out heart shapes and painted them with marbles. They will be hung on the bulletin board make sure you look at it. At Music they sang Hello My Name is Joe, Put Your Finger On, Where is Thumbkin. In the gym they played with the tumbling mat, hula hoops, bikes and basketball. They talked about the library and the letter Rr. For snack they had carrots and sesame sticks.

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