Friday, February 25, 2011

Trinity Preschool Activities for Friday, , February 25, 2011

Willow Room- MWF class

We listened to a story on a Cd today. It was Miss Mary Mack, and all the buttons down her back. We asked the children if they had any buttons on their clothes and counted them.

We did a chart of words that start with the letter J and we noticed how the letter curves, so we made curvy things today.

We painted with funny brushes at the easel.

We sang ring the bells song, snowmen and hats song, and 5 little monkeys song.

We had puzzles out and we played in our kitchen dramatic corner.

Maple Room:

We read "alphabet under construction" by Denise Fleming

We constructed our own alphabet for art today. We had rollers and brushes with paint at the easel today.

We sang The February song, sticky bubble gum, and bear hunt.

We practiced writing our letters A-Q.

We constructed stuff out of PVC pipe.

Oak Room:

We read Wilbur's Space Machine by Lorna Balian

We did balloon drop painting, a lesson in gravity. The balloons had different weights of sand, beans, etc in them. We talked about how fast they would drop.

We had out magnets wands and magnetic letters, paper clips, plastic bottles with magnetic objects and we saw what the magnets would do when the magnet wand was near them.

We did a lot of building with blocks today too.

We had out sequencing cards too.

We did some dancing song wearing jingle belts.

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