Sunday, January 23, 2011

Willow Room activities for the week of Jan. 18, 2011

Willow Room:


We are working on colors, today was the color blue. We also have a pizza shop in our dramatic corner.

We read "Hi Pizza Man" by Virginia Walter. We also did kitten and lost mittens at our second circle. We added a blue car to our color train in the hall.

We did white paint with back rollers on black paper. We had white chalk and blue paper at the easels.

We did the snowman song, and animal actions songs for music today.

We played with some snow too, we dripped colors on the snow and made rainbow snow.


We read "I love you blue kangaroo" by Emma Chichester

We asked the children if they were wearing the color blue today?

We made pizza's out of paper and glue.

We had painting at the easel, blue paint with various kinds of brushes.

Wednesday: January 19

We read Hi Pizza man" by Virginia Walter

We are talking about the letter C, and we made a chart of words that start with the letter C.

We used Back rollers to paint with today, we used white paint and black paper, to make a snowy night picture. We had chalk and blue paper at the easel.

We sang animal actions, and I can make a snowman.

We brought in snow and dripped water colors on it to make rainbow snow.

Friday, Jan. 21

We read Missing Mittens by Stuart Murphy

We asked "Do you have the letter D" in your name?

We made paper pizzas for art and we also made real pizza from scratch for our snack today.

We painted with various brushes and blue paint today at the easels.

We sang 2 little black birds, and couch potato pokey. We also sang our favorite, Sticky bubble gum.

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