Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Trinity Preschool Activities for Wednesday, January 25, 2011

Everybody went to the gym today. We had floor hockey, basket ball hoop and balls, rocking alligator.

Willow Room: MWF class

We asked the children "Do you have the letter "Ee" in your name? Then we graphed the results and used it to make number comparisons. We read "The ice cream bear" by Jez Alborough

We looked at objects that start with the letter "E". We did weather, and the days of the week.

For art today we dipped brushes in water, then into powdered paint to make our pictures.
We had dab a dot markers at the easel.

We sang:
Moving every day
Finger boppin
Dog in school (an alphabet song)

We had our pizza shop open, and we put out mittens and clothespins. The children clipped the mittens to the clothesline with the clothespins.
Great for matching, and finger dexterity.

We did The 5 little snowmen rhyme.

Maple room:

We read "Swim polar bear, swim!" by Joan Stimson

We did a shaving cream and glue mixture and put it on a paper plate with cotton balls to make polar bears. We had snowflake stencils at teh easel with glitter paint and brushes.

We built igloos in our sensory table. We had a base of a paper plate with a door cut out. We added glue and mini marshmallows to be the ice blocks of the igloo.

We sang The January song, Winter song, up in the snowy tree, 5 little snowmen, can't sit still and brown bear.

We did some letter N activities and we listened to the book "Snowy's special secret" on tape.

Oak Room:

We read "The magic school bus sleeps for the winter" about hibernation

We worked on Q pictures in our journals.

We had out some math games and a letter sequencing puzzle.

We also had out some positional boards, the children follow the picture to recreate the order of the items, in front of, in back of, next to, above.

We practiced writing the letter Q on our dry erase boards.

We did "Can you leap like a frog" at music and we did a group patterning activity....What comes next?

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