Sunday, January 23, 2011

Activities for Oak Room- week of January 18, 2011

Oak Room:

I don't have all the stories read this week, but the whole week was spent on "The three bears" so the stories were about variations of that and the children also retold the story to the teachers, which were dictated and will be typed up.

Some of the stories we read were "Tacky locks and the three bears" a variation of the traditional story.

We also read Dusty locks and the three bears" by Susan Lowell

We did ice cube painting, easel painting with a three bears stencil, we drew pictures in our 3 bears books and retold the story. We also had water colors at the easel.

We played some board games and had some 4 letter word puzzles. We are working on the letter "P" and we did bear sorting by sizes. We sorted soft and hard objects and we talked about words that start with the letter "P"

We did a musical ABC matching game at music, the Mack Chicken DAnce and Little bunny foo foo.

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