Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Activities for Tuesday, October 19, 2010

All the kids went outside to the playground today again. We are loving this great weather.

Willow- T/TH

Our story today was The "Bumpy little Pumpkin" by Margery Cuyler

For our second circle we did "The pumpkin song"

For art today, we tore strips of orange paper and glued them onto paper plates cut into pumpkin shapes. We had black paint and orange paper at the easels.

We did the "Freeze dance" and used streamers to dance along to the music. We sang "Pumpkin in the red barn", a rhyming song.

We had leaves and pine cones in our sensory table and we counted hte pine cones too. We danced again with the catalpa pods during choice time.

Oak Room

"Autumn's First Fall" by Steve Metzger was the story we read today.

We did a fun art project today that we will turn into fall leaves. We first colored brown paper with fall colors. Then we painted over it with brown paint (which won't stick to the crayons). After it dries, we will crumple it up and cut them into leaf shapes.

We danced to a song called "animal actions".

We guessed which objects were hidden in the bag that start with the letter "F".

we ad a magnetic board game out today where we sorted people, places and things.

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