Friday, October 15, 2010

Activities for Friday, October 15, 2010

Another beautiful day to spend some time on our playground! All classes went outside. Please remember jackets.

We practiced a fire drill today (the Willow room was already outside on the playground so they did not practice evacuating)

Willow Room: MWF class

We read a book called "The apple pie tree" by Zoe Hall. We asked the children what they like to eat that is made with apples.

We used pine cones to paint; we rolled them in a big empty plastic pretzel container. We did finger painting at the easel using our finger tips.

We sang "Hello everybody" " walking shoes," and "the Apple tree".

We looked at a seed pod from a catalpa tree. We shook it and heard the sounds of the seed rattling inside. We even used them as instruments during choice time as we sang and danced to music.

Maple Room-

We read "The Legend of spookey the square pumpkin" by Joe Troaino

We made pumpkin lanterns, it was a cutting project, the paper is folded in s a special way and when they children cut on the lines, and you open it, it becomes a lantern.
We sang "The October song", "5 little jack o lanterns (with actions), and "4 little leaves"

We practiced writing the letters we have learned, A,B,C in upper and lower case.

We had time to sit and do some of the table fine motor language and math games with individual children today.

Oak Room:

We read "The growing story" by Ruth Krauss

We finished up our "All about me books" we had the children draw a self portrait and also colored a picture using their favorite color. We bound the books and sent them home today.

We had out some activity cards called "My home" with words and pictures on them. The children use dry erase markers to write the words.

We had out the sound puzzles and some bugs to sort by color, or type.

We sang "Zip-i-de-do-dah- a letter sounds song. And "leaky umbrella" using maracas. We used our dry erase boards to write the letter "E" today.

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