Sunday, October 31, 2010

Activities for Thursday, Oct. 29, 2010

We played outside, it was windy, but fun!

Willow room- T/Th class

We read "Pumpkin Time" by Kathleen Zoenfeld and we sorted our names by color today. Then we compare how many of each we have. This sorting activity helps the children learn to recognize their name and since we use different ways to sort them, it helps them learn about various attributes.
At our second circle we did a "3 little pumpkins" rhyme.

We made pumpkin prints using real pumpkins with orange glitter paint. We had black stamper cat shapes and black glitter paint at the easels.

We sang "pass the pumpkin" where the children passed the pumpkin around in circle and stopped when the music stopped. We also sanf 5 liitle pumpkins.

We made a special snack using orange colored cream cheese, on bagels with raisins for jack-o-lantern eyes.

Oak Room:

We read "Nothing at all" by Denys Cazet
We also read "Flip Flop saves the children"

We made scare crow type masks from paper plates- the children held them up to hide behind when the parents came to pick them up from school.

We had estimated how many pumpkin seeds were in our big pumpkin and today we counted them. Estimates ranged from 1 to 1000. There were 530 in our pumpkin. Then we used the seeds for an activity, we had pumpkin shapes with numbers and the children placed 10 seeds on the pumpkin with the number 10.

We also had out 4 letter word puzzles.

We sang "This old man" for music today.

We practiced writing the letter "G" on our dry erase boards.

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