Friday, October 15, 2010

Activities for Thursday, Oct. 14, 2010

All classes went outside for large motor time today!

Willow Room- T/TH class

We read "Hands are not for hitting" by Martine Agassi

Our question today was "How are you feeling today? The children placed their name under the face of their emotion.

We made "apples" at art today, we glued seeds and a star inside an apple.

We had finger painting at the easel.

Our music today was "Hello everybody", "The apple tree" and walking shoes"

We looked at a catalpa pod from the catalpa tree. We shook it and heard the seed inside rattle. we also used them as instruments during choice time as we sang and danced to music.

Oak Room:

We are working on our all about me books, so we read "I can do it myself" by Diane Adams .

we finger painted and then we made the children's handprints for our books.

We had a farm building block set out, and ABC puzzle where you had to complete the alphabet to make a picture. We also had the letter "E" puzzle and books out today.

We did the "rock and roll Freeze dance" using jingle belts. The children wear the belts and dance to the music; then "freeze in place" when the music stops.

We asked "What words start with the letter "E".

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