Friday, October 22, 2010

Activities for Thursday, October 21, 2010

We went outside again today and enjoyed the playground.

We had a visit from Fire Man Jim from the Mount Prospect Fire Department. He talked about fire safety, put on all of his fire fighter gear and told the children that fire fighters are there to help them if there is ever a fire. He showed them how his voice sounds different and he looks different, but he is there to help. He let the children feel the material of his suit and gloves and touch his helmet.

Willow Room: TH class

We read about Fire fighters today, our story was "Firefighter Ted" by Andrea Beaty

We asked (before our visitor arrived) Have you ever seen a fire fighter? What does a fire fighter do?

We made paper fire fighter helmets and at the easel we put dots on a dog shape.

We sang "Hurry, hurry drive the fire truck", "The cool bear hunt", and "Brown Bear".

We used small pumpkins and Mr. Potato head pieces to make "Mr. Pumpkin heads".

Oak Room:

We read "The busy tree" by Jennifer Ward

We used water colors to paint on leaves and then pressed a paper on top to make a print of the leaf pattern.

We had snap together number cubes, a magnetic alphabet maze out and bead stringing.

We sang some fall rhymes songs, zip-i-dee- do- dah- a beginning letter sound.

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