Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Willow room

We read "I don't want to go to school" by Stephanie Blake and did our name recognition cards to do a color sort. We are working on following directions and are still working on getting into the routine of our day.

We glued cut up snips of orange paper onto pumpkin shapes, we will hang these from the ceiling in October to decorate our room.

We had tempra paint at the easels today.

Some of our table activities were farm animal counters and sorting bowls to sort by color, a 1-5 number peg puzzle and stringing beads for fine motor skills.

We did the "sneezing song" (which is great for helping the children get the concept of sneezing into their sleeve), "hands are for clapping" and some bean bags games. for music.

We went outside today.

Oak Room- Pre-k room

Today we read another Mercer Mayer story called "Just a little different".

We are working on our all about me unit and will be talking about the 5 senses, healthy habits and our bodies.

For art today, we did rolling pin painting- the rolling pins have fun foam shapes glued to them so it makes a design on the paper as we roll. At the easels we had black paper and oil pastels.

The children enjoyed free art today also and we had a lot of small group activities today including color and shape bingo, and small group story time.

The children were busy building with legos and with the big bolt builders. We had sorting bowls and a farm puzzle out too.

We went outside today.

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