Saturday, September 19, 2009

Activities for Friday, September 18, 2009

Willow Room- MWF class

We read the story "Ten Little Lady Bugs" by Melanie Gerth and we used their name tags to sort colors and count how many there were of each color. One way we teach skills like sorting and counting is through the use of daily activities. We also do some basic calendar activities, and talk about the weather with our MWF class.

For art today, we used glue to attach foam shapes onto black construction paper. This is a great fine motor activity as well as giving many children their first experience with glue.

We had plenty of fine motor manipulatives out at the tables, including magnadoodle, puzzles, an alphabet magnetic board, number peg boards, and shape peg boards. The children love our play dough, our dramatic play area and the blocks.

For music today we did "Hands are for Clapping" and Tommy Thumb".

We stayed inside in our gym today, this was the first time for the children to try out the trikes, hula hoops, basketball net, and mini balance beam.

Maple Room:

We read a story called "Franklin goes to School" by Paulette Bourgeois today and we did our calendar activities which include counting and graphing, our days of the week song, our September song, and we talked about the weather graph.

For art, we did "Dab a Do" dot painting which is painting with bottles that have a sponge tip. At our easels today we had Fish shape paper and glitter water colors.

For music we did the freeze dance and animal action.

We also played a pattern game and did a "stand up, sit down game"

We went to the gym today- we had trikes, hula hoops, basketball stand, and balance beam.

Oak Room:

We read"If you give a Pig a Party " by Laura Numeroff today. For art, the children each helped mix the paint they used by taking a spoonful of cornstarch and adding their choice of color of paint. The cornstarch adds a glistening to the paint and also adds a new texture.

We had shape puzzles, ABC puzzles and other table activities out today.

We sang "Old McDonald" with the aid of finger puppets. We did bean bag songs and activities.

We went to the gym for trikes, basketball, hula hoops and balance beam activities.

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