Friday, September 25, 2009

Activities for Thursday, Sept. 24

Willow Room- T/Th

Our story today was "The little Rabbit who liked to say Moo" by Jonathan Allen. We also worked on name recognition at our first circle.

For art- we used red, green, yellow and brown tempra paint to make sponge painting pictures.

We had magnetic shapes at the easels.

Some of our table activities were the number peg puzzles, animal puzzles, and stringing letter beads.

We did the "Freeze dance", "If you're happy and you know it" and "Tommy thumb". We like to do the songs on a regular basis so the children can learn them,

We went outside today.

Oak Room- Pre-k room

Our story today was called "Bones" by Stephanie Krensky and we talked about our bones, "Why do we have bones? What do they do?"

We glued Q-tips onto body shapes to illustrate bones.

We matched animal x-rays with pictures of the animals they would be the x-rays to. We also looked a human x-rays.

We did a song called "spaghetti legs" and sang a "healthy habits" song.

We went to the playgorund today.

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