Monday, September 14, 2009

Welcome to preschool

Oak Room: We read "If you take a mouse to school" by Laura Numeroff.
For art we painted apple shapes with puffy paint which is a mixture of flour, salt, and water mixed with paint to give some texture to the project. Our music today was "dog in school" "5 little apples in a tree", and "the silly dance contest". At circle we also always do the calendar and the weather. We are beginning to talk about the letters- this week it is the letter "A and we work on both capital and lower case letters. We talked about what words begin with the letter "A", what sounds does it make. We got outside again to play in the playground and had fun running around and playing in the sand too.

Maple Room: At our circle time we read the story called "The Kissing Hand" by Audrey Penn, and we followed that with our art project which was finger painting and then making a handprint like the story. Our teacher then put a sticker on our handprint and added a special poem as a keepsake of our first day of school.
We had fun with music doing "the Pirate ship song", "bubble gum", "walk, walk", and "animal action". We got outside today for some fun in the playground too. Today was the first day with all of our classmates together so we were also getting to know one another. We had a nice snack together and even got to pour our own juice. At circle time, we do some calendar activities, weather, counting, we learn songs about the days of the week and the months of the year. We have a special song for each month that we will learn.

Willow Room: We had a great first day, a few tears from a couple of kids to start, but they got involved in the activities and were busy all morning. We go out early to the playgorund and we got to climb on the climber, play in the sand and bounce on the horses and new bouncer. When we came back in, we had a snack together and got to know our new friends better. We did a book on tape today called "Miss Mary Mack" by Mary Ann Hoberman. We also did "who's here today?": we put out name tags on the teacher board which helps with name recognition, color recognition and also helps the children learn everyones names. For art today we painted with paint brushes on paper. We had magnetic letters at the easel, a number maze, puzzles, other table activities out today too. Our dramatic corner and block corner are always open too. For music we sang "if you're happy and you know it"," Brown bear", and "little fish". All in all it was a great first day.

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