Monday, September 21, 2009

All classes stayed in and used the gym again today- while it was not raining out, it was too wet on the playground. We had the Alligator see saw, jumping in hoops, the basketball net, ring toss, and the trikes out today.

Willow Room- MWF Class

Today's story was called " I don't want to go to school!" about a little rabbit who did not want to go to school, but once he got there, he didn't want to leave.
We had a Question of the day today? "How are you feeling?" and the children could choose a picture to match their mood. We then used the results in a graph to compare, count and also talked about feelings.

At our second circle we talked about the weather and did some calendar activities.

For art today we were making some pumpkins to hang from our ceiling to decorate our room for October. We had orange snips of paper and we used glue to put them onto orange pumpkin shapes.

We had tempra paint and stencils at the easels.

For our table activities we had sorting bowls with farm animal sorting pieces; we had shape sorters with mice shaped pegs. We also always have playdough, which is great for fine motor development.

We did "The sneezing song" and "Hands are for Clapping" from Jim Gill CD's. And we did "Take the bean bag", which is a fun song where we use bean bags and follow directions to put them on different body parts.

We had another great day at school, the children are all so involved in activities and enjoying our class. It is hard to believe it is only their second full week of school.

Maple Class- MWF
Our story today was Clifford Goes to School by Norman Bridwell.
We also did our calendar activities and weather activities at circle time too.

For art today we did one of the teachers (and kids) favorite activities- we used various kinds of potato mashers dipped in blue, green, yellow, and pink paint and "mashed" them onto paper. They make really interesting designs and it is fun to give children unique items to paint with.
At the easel we had black paper and oil pastels.

For our music today, we did some bean bag songs, and we used sticks to make sounds for the wheels on the bus song. We also sang our September song.

We played a game today called "What is missing?" We put three pictures on the board, then while the children close their eyes, we take one away. They guess what is missing.

Oak Room:

The halls were full of children today! We took the children in groups into the hallway and traced around their bodies. They were then given crayons and they drew on clothes, their hair and their features. We have them all hanging in the hall, they did a great job.

We read "When I get bigger" by Mercer Mayer and we did our daily calendar and weather activities.

For music we did "animal action", "Hands are for clapping" and spaghetti legs.

We are beginning our activities for the letter "B"

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