Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Trinity preschool activities for Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Oak room:

We read " What do you remember?" By Paul Stewart and "over and under the snow" by Kate Mersner

We made dough from scratch and pressed it into Bird seed to make Bird feeders.  We hung one outside, and sent the rest home with the children to help feed the birds.

We did going on a bear hunt, and Animal actions, for music today.

We brought snow in for the children to play with it while wearing mittens.

Willow room terrific 2 and 3 class

The dot, is the book we read today, by Peter H Reynolds

We painted using brushes and bright paint.

We had stencils and markers at the easel.

We did teddy bear, teddy bear, put your finger on, and little fish for music today.

We did 5 little snowman rhyme today.

We brought snow in and played with it wearing mittens.

Our dramatic corner is a Pizza shop.

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