Friday, January 30, 2015

Trinity Preschool activities for Friday, Jan. 30, 2015


Today we read The Magic School Bus Sleeps for the Winter

For art today we used shaving cream and glue which we mixed together and used to create a snowman.  The children then added beads, buttons and stick to their snowman.

For music we sang, "Take That Bean Bag", and then did a train instrumental where we balanced a beanbag while walking around the room.

We used writing boards at group time and practiced Rr words using pictures.

Willow Room 

We read Snow by Roy McKee and P.D. Eastman 

We painted with "snowballs", knee hi nylons filled with rice, dipped in White glitter paint.  
At the easel we painted with prickly rings dipped in painted and our paper was shaped like a capital letter E.

We did dancing feet, itsy bitsy snowflake -tune of itsy bitsy spider and the cool bear hunt.

We did 5 little snowflakes rhyme.
We looked at objects that begin with the letter e.

Maple room:

We read "the hat" by Jan Brett

We painted on shelf liner with blue and purple glitter paint, then we made a print by pressing it onto paper.
We had hat shapes at the easel and painted them using textured block painter pads.

We did letter h activities

We did the January song, and little fish for music.

We transformed our dramatic play area into a post office, the children helped us set it up today.

Stay and play:

We read "danny's first snow," by Leonie Gore

We dripped water colors onto a plastic grid placed on paper.  Then we removed the grid.

We did an opposites puzzle match, find your opposites partner.

We did the opposite song, and this is the way we do it , an action song.

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