Monday, March 18, 2013

Trinity Preschool Activities for Monday, March 18, 2013

We did a tornado drill today with our morning classes.

Willow Room- MWF class

We read "Mary had a little lamb" by Ira Trapani

We asked the children "Do you have the letter N in your name?"

We painted with the shaving cream and glue mixture (two parts shaving cream/1 part glue) to cover a lamb shape.

We had alphabet stencils and colored pencils at the easel.

We did "Mary had a little lamb" , "count and move", "list of dances", and "If you're happy and you know it." for music time today.

Maple Room- Morning class

We read "The mixed up Chameleon" by Eric Carle

We painted with roller brushes, paint brushes and paint scrapers for a project that we will do all three days this week.  Today, they painted paper with colors, Wednesday, they will cut the paper into pieces, and Friday they will use it to make a collage picture- like Eric Carle does.

We had fat and thin brushes at the easel with paint.

We did "The March song," and "Can't sit still" for music time.

We skyped to Australia today.  We found out it was late at night on the same day and they are in a different season than we are.

We did letter V activities.  

Maple Room- afternoon class
We read "Don't forget the oatmeal" by BG Ford

We cut out circles and painted with oatmeal.
We had watercolors at the easel

We did "Little fish- let's go swimming", "tap your toe and follow me", "five little monkeys sitting in a tree", and "bean bag boogie" for music time.

Oak Room- Pre- K class
We are learning about balls of all kinds this week. We will paint with balls, and roll various kinds of balls down ramps to see how they roll and which goes faster.

We are learning about the letter Y this week.

We read "Froggy plays T- Ball" by Jonathan London

And "Can I play too?" by Mo Willems
We painted with tennis balls, cut in half crosswise..

We did "Bean bag boogie", "deep in the jungle", "Don't wake up mama" ( a book on tape) for music today.

Stay & Play

We read "Uncle Lester's Hat" by Howie Schneider

We drew with markers on a paper towel and then we used paint brushes dipped in water to paint over our drawings, the colors from the markers spread out.

We did musical spots, when the music stops, put our hand, elbow, etc. on a spot. Follow the directions in the song.

We have dress up, dolls, iron boards in or dramatic play area.  We have purple play sand in the sand table.

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